It's not like some Americans aren't worried Janne, in fact some of us are terrified, but democracy in the US doesn't really exist in that Mayberry sort of way that it's portrayed. I've heard so many different things, read so many different things and wondered wtf is going on over there these days that it's anyones guess as to what will happen next Tuesday. Just keep hoping that there isn't a recount as if there is it's going to be dark times ahead. I'm not very optimistic but, then again, this is a major reason why we moved back to Finland.

--, 27-Oct-2004

Janne, thanks for pointing this article out - I surely would have missed it and it's clearly important. Myself and many of my friends are extremely concerned about the results of our recent election. However, it's opinion/reporting, type articles like this that keep the struggle alive. Since the media is no longer reporting, these posts have become the only source of "hard news." The fact that you chose to share on your blog (and that I chose to forward a copy to my friends) makes us part of the real media that's emerging on the net. Thanks.

--Scott, 06-Nov-2004

Yeah. That's *exactly* where the blogs are so important.

For all sides.

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Nov-2004

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