Yep, they are shooting themselves in the foot. This is how it always goes. The incumbents will always try to defend their investments and business models, no matter that their time has passed. The history of technology is full of examples of this, starting from Edison. But a disruptive technology will come, and most of the time the imcumbents will go.

--Matti Kinnunen, 28-Nov-2005

They already have business models ready, they're just not deploying them because they know the governments will come to the rescue and help them fine people, arrest people, sue people, shut down websites etc... - It's not up to us or the recording industry, it's up the various governments to either side with the people, or big business.

--Phil, 28-Nov-2005

To quote Fermi: "Then where are they?"

Why is Apple the one that is raking money with iTunes?

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Nov-2005

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