Ym "when did *I* become", hth, hand.

I am not dependent on my phone - ask anyone who has tried to phone to me in the last two years. Neither am I dependent on any other particular need of communication I use. They are nice to have on a regular day, and I use email and IRC a lot, and read weblogs - but I don't need to be "kaikkialla, kaikkien kanssa, kaiken aikaa", and rather enjoy the times when I am not.

And I *detest* it when people use the inclusive "we" talking about those who *do* need to, and imply that if you use weblogs, mail, IRC, you are addicted to connectivity. Not all of us who enjoy these things are communication addicts.

--Janka, 28-Jul-2004

Yeah, so you don't subscribe to that idea. So what? A lot of people do - and that's the inclusive "we".

I ain't implying anything that isn't in your head already.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Jul-2004

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