Unless I'm much mistaken about the short-haired companion, you might link him thus: http://playground.utu.fi/~vjsaar/blog/index.php?page=recent

--MikePohjola, 29-Jul-2004

Äyh, nyt on pakko älähtää - minuun ei voi viitata Falmawenina, Falmawen on blogin nimi. Viittaukset mieluusti Aaltoneitona, kiitos :)

--Aaltoneito, 03-Aug-2004

Fixed your name. Sorry.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Aug-2004

Eep, I'm rather scared for being mentioned by the length of my hair. Fortunately Mike's here to help, props for him. :)

--, 03-Aug-2004

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