After the new copyright law, I don't find the Apple FairPlay scheme so strict anymore. If I understand it correctly, you can listen your DRM'd music with five different machines and the authorization is transferrable. Also unlimited synching and practically burning, since it is limited to 7 times per playlist.

Teh Big Suck - and a royal one to me, although I am a Apple user, is that playing music is, so far, limited to Apple computers. And what happens to your collection if The Great Authorization Machine gets taken off the net?

--Burana, 28-Sep-2005

Well, you could still use iTunes on Windows...

Or just use Justetune to get rid of the pesky DRM.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Sep-2005

I remember hearing Prof. Lessig talk about how the copyright law will have immense effects on our lives. The quote I remember him saying is, "Because of the nature of the law written - it is not anymore the law that controls us, but the technology and the power of the mediahouses who sell the content".

All this has become amazingly clear to me in the last few days.

--Antti, 29-Sep-2005

What about mobile distribution of Porn? that is sure to kill every other channel!

--Hephail, 29-Sep-2005

I think there are still some advantages to large screens ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Sep-2005

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