curricul<i>a</i>, not "curriculums".

--, 29-Mar-2005

This is an issue for the individual schools....not the government!!

I'm not yet familiar with this law but I could guess which political party is behind such rules.....Repuuuuublicanssss

--Phil, 29-Mar-2005

It's only a formalization of what is already fairly common. Teachers and schools get sued regularly for failing a student or teaching their fundy kid about darwinism. Teachers are afraid to fail kids and they don't stray far from the conservative course material. People shouldn't wonder why there are a lot of uneducated kids in America.

--, 29-Mar-2005

Well, I rarely (if ever?) hear about a teacher getting sued for failing a child - although thanks to the Democrats "social promotion" plan, teachers are pressured my administrators to pass children no matter how lousy they perform.

And I believe this law is geared towards colleges and universities throughout the states - not too many 9th graders are debating political issues - so I doubt there's too many "uneducated kids" that could get accepted into a college/unversity.

And as I graduate of public education in the U.S., I would disagree about "conservative course material" - it was most definitely more left-wing than right-wing, especially since American teachers and administrators are notorious for being hardcore left-wingers. I was taught evolution, not creationism in schools. However, I went to school the west coast, maybe Alabamians (for instace) have a different cirriculum.

--Phil, 29-Mar-2005

Ah, those darned latin plurals.

However, The American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Ed lists both "curricula" and "curriculums" as acceptable. So nyah :)

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Mar-2005

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