When I go to a strange place where I know someone I ask for these recommendations:

1) A place that you go all the time. -- If they go there on a regular basis it's going to be good food and good service and won't really be that expensive. I've been to some really great places that would not have made any kind of guide.

2) A place that is really special and that you've been to more than once -- these places all have a wow factor.

3) (If I'm going to be there for awhile) A place that you have always wanted to go to. -- Normally really upmarket, but there have been some tiny, simple places.

I've also asked the first two of people at the hotel if I'm just traveling through.

So far (after lots and lots of travel) I've never been disappointed.

One interesting thing is asking people where you live now, you will find some great places you may have overlooked.

--Foster, 29-Mar-2006

This is very good advice. Thanks Foster!

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Mar-2006

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