I don't see anything wrong with the story. (Haven't read the paper version tho, it's still waiting on top of the pile.)

--Marjut, 29-Apr-2011


Thanks for the feedback. We are sorry that you feel this way about how the article has been published online.

The best way to republish an article from the print edition in the online edition is a common topic of debate in the online news business. Tie-on stories pose an additional challenge due to the limitations of online publishing platforms.

Our usual method is to publish the tie-ons and the main article separately and link them together once the full story is online.

There is always the question, which one should be published first: the tie-on or the main article. In this case, we decided to publish the tie-on first because we believed it would work well as an individual story and that it provided one relevant view to the use of nfc technology.

The main article has now also been published online and linked to the tie-on first published on Friday. The full story of the article can be read in Finnish at http://www.tietoviikko.fi/taustat/article618081.ece

--Aleksi Kolehmainen, 02-May-2011

Thanks for the response. I understand your process, I just don't think that the selection of the tie-in was a particularly good one.

The article is a good one though; I'll link to it from the main page.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-May-2011

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