Lately, while looking for new "challenges" both with the current company and outside it, I have been wondering whether having cat II blog is a liability. Anyone will find my blog with no effort. Maybe my blog frightens away some possible employers (or their recruiters). I wonder how much this happens, and whether it would make sense, employment-wise to downgrade to cat I.

Any ideas?

--Matti Kinnunen, 01-Jun-2006

Maybe. On the other hand, it can be an asset as well - at least for me having a blog has helped me. Also, if you were an employer, and you checked the guy's blog, it might also help you in your decision to hire that guy. Lots of people are better at writing skills than in verbal skills, and if your job requires you to be writing a lot, being able to show off your skills certainly helps.

Actually, I think the only reason your blog might be a liability is if you're a moron. But if you write good, thoughtful (or fun) content, and still you scare your potential employer, you probably wouldn't have liked the job anyway. But if your employer takes a look at your blog, and hires you because (or despite) of it, you are more likely to be compatible with the job, your colleagues, and the company.

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Jun-2006

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