"I harbor this odd notion that phones should be usable out of the box without having to reinstall the operating system. Call me weird." How can you ever use any laptop then?

--AnonymousCoward, 30-Aug-2011

'cos, um, a laptop is not a phone?

(Besides, I use Macs. They're fairly plug-n-play, especially with Migration Assistant.)

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Aug-2011

I won't argue with the rest (much of it is addressed in newer versions of HTC's Sense UI), but there is one point of contention:

The email apps - there's a Gmail app (this is the default one that Android ships with) and there's an Email app (this is for any other email service other than Gmail. The *Email* app does indeed have an option for night/day syncing profiles. This is a major reason that I installed a Sense ROM on my G2 (the US version of the Desire Z) (it ships with stock Android). Along the way, HTC have paid MUCH attention to this email app, too. I'm using the Virtuous Unity, which is a custom ROM that is based on Sense 3.0. If you've still got the Desire Z, I'd *highly* recommend cehcking it out (though you may not have the Finnish localization, come to think of it).

--Ricky Cadden, 30-Aug-2011

Thanks Ricky; the builtin email app really does have that functionality. Unfortunately GMail app does not, and guess which one of these I use for work email :-/. I'm wondering if I should just use the builtin mail app for everything...

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Aug-2011

On my experience (running custom Honeycomb on Notion Ink Adam) most of points apply to Android tablets as well. It's a shame, since I'd like to like Android more than iOS (http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/aug/09/technology-failure-more-important-than-success)

--Jere Majava, 01-Sep-2011

Lately I was choosing a phone for international travel (choosing between good Android - Galaxy S, good Symbian - Nokia C7, latest MeeGo Harmattan and oldish Maemo N900). The choice was clear, simple and obvious - Symbian.

Reasons? Battery life, offline maps with navigation, best twitter (and minimally ok facebook) client - Gravity. It may be not the best smartphone app-wise, but good enough (even browser became usable after Anna update) + battery life and maps are indispensable when traveling.

--Artem Marchenko, 10-Sep-2011

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