Bloody hell. I still have too much (can there be such thing?) vodka left in my fridge. Last time I counted there was five bottles of it.

Errr... How about if you two visit me next saturday as well? I can offer you some beer. With vodka of course.

--Visukinttu-Jarkko, 30-Nov-2004

I see drunken people.


Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to be in a completely different city next weekend ;)

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Nov-2004

"I just spent two minutes trying to figure out how to say this in an appreciative manner, yet give a bit of highlight to our differing opinions, without resorting to the use of smileys."

I think you did good, and I appreciate you taking so long to do this. I'm lazy, so I'll just resort to those damn smileys ;)

Just a hint involving the subject referred to back at my blog: from Wikipedia's article on Tit for tat there's a link to an article in Wired magazine, describing the victory of a new algorithm over Tit for tat. Interestingly, it involves something called masters and slaves as players...

--, 30-Nov-2004

(...signed by me.)

--Jani, 30-Nov-2004

Yeah, I read it. The "slaves" sacrificed themselves for the good of a few.

It doesn't invalidate tit-for-tat, though, which still is a very good algorithm. After all, it was alone against a number of communicating players, who were all playing to beat a single entity.

Who knows what could be done with co-operating tit-for-tats?

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Dec-2004

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