Sorry you don't like to register on the N90 Blog site, but to control comment spam we had to take this step.

We're also providing bloggers in the program access to the site as well starting next week.

As for the colors, we may take your suggestion as I noticed the same thing with the type. For now though we're more focused on answering questions and linking to the blog posts of the bloggers in the program and the coverage which this is generating.

We do hope you'll change your mind and register, then comment as all are appreciated.

--, 30-Nov-2005

I'm sorry, but I call bullshit on that ;-). Comment pre-moderation and blacklisting plugins work quite well - there are very many blogs out there that don't require registration, yet have negliglible amounts of spam.

And nah, can't be bothered to register. If there's something I want to say, I'll write about it in my own blog. Much easier, and only one password to remember.

--JanneJalkanen, 30-Nov-2005

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