You forgot Il Capitan. Captain of a ship can legally wed people on board. Also in Finland. Actually anywhere. Captain is next from god at sea, any sea. So just hop on board and ahoi away.

--Katherine, 30-May-2004

Ah, of course.

That sounds actually like a good idea. If I ever have the chance, that is. Thanks!

--JanneJalkanen, 31-May-2004

I wouldn't call people spineless if they belong to the church and don't believe in God. There are a lot of services that are still used by majority, and for example I used to know a lot of parents who don't believe in God but think that it is still a good idea to give children some Christian education. Actually, there are not a lot of countries (I cannot think of any) where people wouldn't get some sort of spiritual foundation. And it is funny, but all my non-Christian friends are very broadly-minded towards my conviction. It is only in Finland that I don't even want to tell people evenif asked that I believe in God. My buddhist friend went to Christmas church because his Christian friends asked. No big drama there. I have prayed with him at Buddhist temple. Why it is so difficult to be neutral here? Because sometimes I find your attitude even a bit hostile over these things... I don't like missionary work, and I think everyone should be entitled to their opinion (like you to yours). But please don't call people spineless. And yes, I agree, shops should be open on Sundays, I have now two days of withdrawal, because it is national holiday and not only one day but two... In Helsinki, at least tunnel is open... And kiosks.

--Heli, 31-May-2004

PS. There are also holidays that shut the shops also, say, in Japan. So you cannot escape that.

--Heli, again, 31-May-2004

I'm looking at the damage inflicted by godless people working in the name of religion thoughout the entire history.

It's hard not to feel a bit hostile.

I have nothing against faith. Faith is a wonderful thing that keeps us human. But I do have plenty of problems with the church. Especially a state church. Regardless of all the services they perform, and the arguable good things that occasionally come out of them.

And I never said any country was perfect in this regard.

--JanneJalkanen, 31-May-2004

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