Interesting points of view BUT when you get older, you still have no real chance of decision. I have always hated pictures taken of me, but I am considered a trouble maker when I say I don't want them taken. They are all over the family albums and friends' albums and I am referring to the old paper photo albums.

I have my pictures online now, but all of them have been downloaded by me or I have given my permission to publish them.

I think there are worse things than pictures which eventually will be recognized only by the mother of the children. I just saw a couple of documentaries about children who attend beauty or talent competitions. Do they really know what they want?

Those naked baby pictures are another thing but my guess is that they violate the terms of all the different platforms and the parents publishing them can be banned if someone reports them.

--Leena, 01-Sep-2009

Well, the law is quite clearly on your side: you can always decline your photograph to be taken. Sometimes it's hard to be yourself without angering others, but then the question becomes really about your own priorities: be nice or be comfortable? We all have to make that decision all over again in our lives.

But it is a choice.

The terms of service usually talk about "obscene" pictures. It depends quite a lot on the culture, how this is interpreted.

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Sep-2009

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