I had a hardware problem with my iBook recently - it was freezing with weird graphics bugs or just starting with a black screen in the first place. Didn't cost me a cent to get it fixed though, despite my inability to procure proof that it was still under warranty. :) I guess I'm going to have to think hard about whether I can afford AppleCare protection, and also about whether I can afford *not* to get it...

--MichaelGoetze, 31-Mar-2004

Yeah, everybody seems to think that ~AppleCare is a good idea. I took the three year plan. So far haven't needed it, but laptops tend to be rather accident-prone.

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Apr-2004

Your comments remind me of my own process - though at the time (some years ago) I was switching from Windows. It wasn't that I couldn't do what I wanted on a PC - just that I got tired of fritzing about. I used to do all my own car maintenance and in an equally geeky sort of way I sort of enjoyed it - but when I wanted to do other things it was just a pain in the ass.

So now I'm on mac and i send my car to the garage. My time is worth more than the relatively tiny cost differential.

cheers, Mark

--, 01-Apr-2004

Welcome to the Macworld!.

Having the flu sucks big time. I'm just getting over a cold (two days max :p ) and my old blue&white Mac is the only thing helping me get through this boredom.

I wish I could get a PB or a G5 but I've have other financial responsibilities at the moment but lord knows I'm going to start working hard and save every penny so I can buy these beauties.

--Rene, 01-Apr-2004

Great rant about the PowerBook; I couldn't agree more. Writing this in my trusty, zero issue, TiPB over my wireless network, that I also had zero problems with... Welcome aboard!

--moofer, 01-Apr-2004

Cool! I think I want one too.... a PowerBook that is.

--Michael, 01-Apr-2004

Amen to that! I can't seem to let go of my powerbook either after years of tweaking the crap out of wintel boxes...

--, 01-Apr-2004

I can't even tell you how sick of my twice daily bluescreens of death that I was running into... I had been using freebsd on my laptop of a long time and had to start using windows for some specific work tasks, however windows drove me so insane one night that I drove to the apple store with one of my mac unix friends, and bought an Ibook. this was two years ago.. I now have 3 macs, one that I specificallly loan to Unix people who need a laptop for a short ammount of time... I've coverted 5 people that way....

It just works is an understatement... it just works, and it's SO well done it's insane.

-- kev

--, 01-Apr-2004

<q>It just works is an understatement... it just works, and it's SO well done it's insane.</q>

So much truth to this statement it needed to be said twice.

--Big House>, 02-Apr-2004

Welcome to the world of Apple. For last twenty years I have been using Apple MacIntoshes daily, and by using them that is precisely what I mean not spending all my time trying to get them to work. The only computer miseries that I have had have all been related to Windows. For years friends and family have asked me what they should buy, and I always encourage them to try the Mac. They never take my advice, but when Windows decides to blow up in their faces they are quick to call me to sort it out. I have finally convinced my wife to give up on Windows even though the school at which she teaches uses PCs (which by the way, constantly have digital diarhea). Three weeks ago her Dell with Win XP decided to BSOD. I searched MS'es KB with the error codes and came up with nothing. I finally figured out on my own that a system file had been corrupted and re-installed XP and all approriate updates, it took six hours!

BTW I have had OS X on my iMac for 3 years. My last system crash was 3 years ago.

--garyb, 02-Apr-2004

Excellent, I totally agree, Apple products just work. And actually it is very interesting if you compare an Apple portable to any other WIN portable, feature by feature you'll be surprised as I was that almost 100% of the time the cost in either the same or less on the Apple.

Check it out.

--, 03-Apr-2004

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