Where are the three free wifi spots in Helsinki?

--, 31-May-2005

I know of Cafe Kiasma, Cafe Lasipalatsi and ... I forget the third one. I'm sure a reader will fill in :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 31-May-2005

Wlan is basicly the same as PC, because there are not too many mobile wlan devices. And if there are, you are useing the same applications your are using with your PC. So in that sense you are comparing the ecosymtems of PC and mobile world.

Operators are partly hindering the evolution of the services in our handsets, but the ecosystem works because everybody gets their share of the revenue.

What are wlan networks but coffee-house sidekicks. I certainly don't think we should build these with tax-payers money and leave the wellfare pocket wanting. The need for these is not that critical yet.

Wlan can't give you the coverage of cellular network. Not anywhere in the world. You would have to have a cellular tranmitter anyway in wlan device if you want absolut coverage. The tech isn' t there to give us such a device in a reasonable price range..

I'm going to buy the 770 though. Mayby my feelings are different after I've used it, but now I think it's mainly goig to be used with my 6630 and 3G network when commuting between Porvoo and Helsinki.

--Henrikki, 01-Jun-2005

Is mbar free?

Also the pub next to Restaurant Kipina... I really need to get one of those wifi finders.

--ChrisH, 02-Jun-2005

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