Some ideas to do with Wikis

  • Wordnet - 50kwords, linkable, create rdf vocabulary about wikipages?
  • FOAF for machines?
  • Webdav for interconnected wikis

Discussion with DonPark

12:08 < DonPark> but why edit whole page at a time?
12:08 < Ecyrd> Good question, could you elaborate?
12:09 < DonPark> A Wiki page is not just dribbles of words but has structures and blocks.
12:09 < tangra> donparks wants a memex.
12:09 < DonPark> One should be able to edit just a block.
12:11 < Ecyrd> Don, are you looking for something like Hydra but for wikipages?
12:11 < DonPark> not really.  Hydra is just too confusing also.  But it's got some good idea as
                 well.  Just like Wiki.
12:12 < Ecyrd> Then are you looking for a structured editor (like an outliner) for a Wiki?
12:13 < DonPark> No.  Outliner is good for some things, but I am not an outliner fanatic like
                 Dave Winer is.
12:13 < Ecyrd> Then what do you want?
12:13 < Ecyrd> A combination?
12:14 < DonPark> For example, a palette on the corner of a Wiki page.  I click on the edit icon
                 and click on a block of text to edit it.
12:14 < DonPark> I then click on a drawing tool and draw some stuff on the page, creating a
                 paint layer.
12:14 < Ecyrd> With a "block" you mean "a paragraph", right?
12:15 < DonPark> Not necessarily.  One could drag a range.
12:15 < Ecyrd> Why a separate edit mode?  Why not just change the page directly?
12:16 < Ecyrd> Well, what if you could dispense with it alltogether?
12:16 < DonPark> Because people don't edit full page.  They usually just want to change a
                 portion, add new stuff, or move things around.
12:16 < Ecyrd> I think the markup is just a kludge to make the whole thing editable on HTML
12:17 < DonPark> You don't need markup.  Just use WYSIWYG editor for most situations.
12:17 < anode> DonPark: what if you could mark a section to edit (checkboxes on each line or a
               better UI widget) and then click edit?
12:17 < britta> there's a thing for using a wysiwyg plugin with wiki-ediiting
12:19 < DonPark> You are on the True Path, Brother Ecyrd.
12:20 < DonPark> Modal and modeless is not that far apart.
12:20 < anode> Ecyrd: have you looked at Moz's built in thingie?
12:22 < anode> Ecyrd:

  • KarlDubost: Personal Space Aggregator... With pluggable page providers, we could make it so that all your emails are available as a WikiPage (like JanneJalkanen/Mail/2004/04/23/<mail id>) - then everything would be searchable. You could put other things in there as well.
    • Corollary: how about a World Wide Wiki - all pages would be available as subpages of say

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