--Antti, 08-Sep-2004

I suspect number 2 except that I think, no wait, I Know there is a "respectable" company behind this mess.

--names have been changed to protect the innocent, 08-Sep-2004

What strikes me as extremely stupid is the fact that this service is clearly aimed at "early adapters". These are of course the same "early adapters" who were the first to abandon IE, oh, 5 minutes after it was first introduced.

--J-Ko, 09-Sep-2004

Exactly. And, especially looking at the blogosphere and the influential people in the internet and media, a surprising number of them actually do own Apple or Linux computers.

BTW, according to IDG, Apple had nearly 8% of the US laptop market, and 28% of education market in early 2004, even though their overall market share is closer to 3%. That's no longer a small amount of computers.

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Sep-2004

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