I understood they recommend you to buy the Pulp bottle, then refill it?

--Niko, 13-Aug-2008

Haven't seen anything relating to that. But it's kinda sad, isn't it? You could do that well with a regular bottle as well...

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Aug-2008

=== Since Palpa (the Finnish return package company) only accepts bottles made of PET-plastics, PLUP is not part of the Finnish bottle deposit system. On the other hand, more and more HDPE- recycling return stations are being placed in all city areas.

PLUP encourages consumers not to return the bottle, but rather to re-fill and re-use it. It’s highly durable and suitable for heavy use, such as hiking or boating. === http://www.plup.com/story.html

One problem with refilling is that you have to be very careful to wash the bottles once in a while, otherwise bacteria can build up.

On that webpage, Plup demonstrate even more problems with maths: "The PLUP bottle holds 400 ml, or 14 fl.oz. A pint, basically." Err....

--Hugo, 19-Aug-2008

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