Toimii. Kiitos. Works. Thanks. Verkar. Tack.

--kalamuki, 09-Nov-2004

Yes, but does it have a Netscape 4.3 mode? :-)

--Foster, 09-Nov-2004

Ja kannattaa muistaa myös lokalisoidut versiot. Kuitenkin jollakin kumminkaimalla on suomenkielinen OS käytössä.

--Burana, 09-Nov-2004

Foster, according to the Release Notes, it in fact does :). Or at least it survives sites that were designed for NS4.

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2004

“Whenever a new windows pops up, it automatically opens to a new tab. Whee!”

Now I can even see the Butt Ugly comments in a tab instead of that annoying forced new window! Whee! ;)

--Jani, 09-Nov-2004

Ouch :)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2004

I actually many times prefer to open new temporary pages in new windows instead of tabs. They are easier to access with one alt-tab (the key :) than with a mouse click or several ctrl-tabs (if I have many tabs open, and most of the time I have).

But yes, it's all about user-control, and great praise to Firefox for that.

--Henri, 10-Nov-2004

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