Interesting web log.

--, 10-Sep-2004

I feel weird when my sitemeter tells people have been reading my archieves. I click to some of my previous entries and see myself as a teenager who´s naked, wasted and stupid.

I´d like to create a blog which would destroy my previous entries while creating new but somehow I´m addicted to my past and want to read them later on.

I enjoy reading your entries every time (expect the technical stuff, cause I feel stupid).

--Mindy, 10-Sep-2004

I wish someone would tell this to Geroge Lucas.

--, 10-Sep-2004

I don't think I'd want to destroy my past writings. After all, at some level there is some satisfaction in seeing that you have actually become better.

Even though it pains me to see my older writings. Google does not forget.

--JanneJalkanen, 11-Sep-2004

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