Janne, the AggregatePlugin is interesting, but so far as treating the wiki as a database isn't http://www.jspwiki.org/Wiki.jsp?page=QueryPlugin much more directly relevant?

BTW: Have you or anyone you've talked to tried the QueryPlugin? I know it works in the limited places we use it, but I'm interested in outside opinions.

--John Volkar

--, 11-Feb-2004

Yeah, you're right. I was already thinking of in terms of a combined ~AggregatePlugin and ~QueryPlugin - an obvious marriage :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Feb-2004

I will be ecstatic when there is "a combined AggregatePlugin and QueryPlugin"!! That will be a serious increase in the power of JSPwiki, IMHO. I can hardly wait!

--Dan Howard

--Dan Howard, 12-Feb-2004

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