So exactly what did you say to get that replacement laptop? I'm considering of sending mine for repair before the warranty runs out and that sure would help a lot.

--, 11-May-2005

I said I was going on a business trip and asked if they can get it fixed by Friday. BTW, I took my laptop personally to ~MacHuolto. Maybe that helped?

--JanneJalkanen, 12-May-2005

What was the reason for getting PB serviced? Broken optical drive? And did you have the extended Applecare? Wondering if I should get it too :-)

--Burana, 12-May-2005

Broken optical drive, yup. And of course I had the extended Applecare warranty; nobody I know dares to go without one ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 13-May-2005

So tell us more about the actual Apple interaction. Was it a lot of effort to get a loaner laptop? Did you need to beg, whine, threaten, brandish small weapons?

My HP is due to get replaced, I can be convinced to buy an Apple. My current maintenace plan is to go buy a new laptop and do the disk swap myself.

How much was the Applecare warranty as a percentage of what you paid?

--Foster, 13-May-2005

No, they actually suggested it themselves. I just said "okay".

I don't remember the price of Applecare: it's pretty expensive, but if this is the level of service you get with it, it's worth the money. Considering the amount of traveling I do, having an extended global warranty is a good thing. You can buy one online from Apple Store.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-May-2005

Somewhat related...

--, 14-May-2005

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