Ah, great - what fun - nothing like a new coolness index to cheer up an evening of dreary blog reading - especially when it's a number you have full control of, by first going through your own contacts and those that follow you and tuning the list accordingly :)

Tuija, S = 1,97

--Tuija, 13-Sep-2007

A friend said he hates most web2.0 sites 'cos they are "just popularity contests". I disagreed and tried to argue what function these things have. You know, thumbs up & down and reviews and statistics of who has contributed/been viewed the most yada yada. That it's not just race to the bottom.

Then I joined Facebook.

I take this is just a joke, but it still got me slightly sad rather than amused. I hope nobody takes it seriously and starts dumping contacts to better their score.

Suviko, S = 1,29

--Suviko, 13-Sep-2007

I actually added contacts prior to calculating this. I was over three before ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Sep-2007

OK well it was partly a joke but I _did_ drop some imaginary figures such as Markku from Finlanmd and Lordi before doing the math :)

--Tuija, 13-Sep-2007

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