I'm never quite sure if you're taking the piss or not but I'm seriously scared to try and visit home before the election. Granted, not many terrorists would be heading to St. Louis, but I'll be heading for Boston through NYC for a week before going to one of the flyover states so I'm less enthused. I have nightmares about either getting trapped in the US after an attack or winding up in Gitmo with no phonecall or lawyer as the recent legislation will allow them to do even to US citizens. Not to mention that amplification of annoyance that entering the US will bring with the fear machine on full tilt and the elections bringing every nutter out of the woodwork. My inner conflict is rather oppressive, but the world is nuts and the US mail delivers, even to Finland. Maybe for Christmas.

--, 20-Sep-2004

I believe you. That's why I linked to it - I'm pretty sure you're not the only one.

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Sep-2004

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