You must mean 420 rounds / minute, not / second? -- Ari

--, 21-Jan-2005

Oops. Yeah. Fixed :)

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Jan-2005

Read (and blogged) about this a while back, but seeing a video always makes things more concrete. Downloading was rather slow, I can host this clip on my site too should you want me to or have no objections?

--Jani, 21-Jan-2005

Oh, I have plenty of bandwidth. I'm just using Coral cache to keep a thousand people from downloading 4 Gigs off my server... Which may seem slow to Finns, because the closest Coral server is in Sweden, I think.

The direct link is here, if you want it faster (if you're a Finn, that is).

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Jan-2005

FWIW, Finnish army standard issue assault rifle does a bit better than that (in terms of rounds/minute). For me, funniest thing was that in newspaper they said something in vein of 'very reliable design'.

--psi-, 21-Jan-2005

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