I recon it's your leg. Do I win something now?

--Milla, 24-Apr-2004

Because of the second Law of Thermodynamics of course, duh. :)

And a belated happy birthday, btw!

--MichaelGoetze, 24-Apr-2004

Darn, Milla - you obviously know me too well :-).

Yah. I hate entropy, too.

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Apr-2004

You should look at: http://www.xenophilia.com/fingertrick1.htm for other weird and wonderful pictures.

When you get back you can blogpost why the best thing you could think of doing while visiting Japan was taking a cell phone picture of your leg :-) I guess we can all be happy knowing that it's not on http://www.mobog.com/.

--Foster, 24-Apr-2004

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