So the Finnish blog instead? ;)

--Adriaan, 26-Jun-2004

Nope. Don't do even that. About 500-600 known blogs in Finland; perhaps about a thousand in total.

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Jun-2004

You should have started speaking English to him as, aside from gypsies and other so-called lower life forms in Finland, the only things to get those types going are the immigrants. Hey, welcome to progressive hi-tech Finland...or something. :)

--, 28-Jun-2004

I drowned my sorrow and anger into alcohol, as any proper Finn would :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Jun-2004

heres my positive vote. i try my ass off all day long to talk to no one just beacause i dont care to hear what they have to say. most people want to talk. i say fuck them and dont talk. i agree with you!@!!

--, 15-Oct-2004

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